Thursday, June 26, 2014

Outift: Peplum

 photo 84a270d4-6ada-402f-8efb-6c4606ab0761_zpsbb16df8f.jpg

I didn't jump on the peplum bandwagon when it was all the rage last year hips and thighs really don't need any more attention focused on them.

But I saw this top at Forever 21 recently and I fell in love...I think it may have been the sweetheart neckline that called out to me

So here I am, a year late to the it even still in trend? 

forever 21 haul, manolo bbs blue suede photo fd634bf9-0b23-442c-b24a-1a91f6685fce_zpsec48c32f.jpg

Top - Forever 21
Jeans - Forever 21
Shoes - Manolo Blahnik
Earrings - Forever 21

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Random Files: Basic Tees

 photo ba2626cc-5378-4d1d-b18f-1917c5de3632_zpsfdb52c89.jpg

Once every season or so, I get the itch to go shopping really bad...and I end up with quite a big boatload of purchases. 

I call it my seasonal update. 

For summer, I always get a hankering for the perfect loose, I-just-threw-this-on V-neck tees and Forever 21 is usually my place to go for those. 

They are cheap ($3.80 each!!), the tees are tissue soft, comes in tons of colors (though I only go for the neutrals) and has the perfect slouchy fit.  Even though they are not known for their quality, I have some tees from prior years that are still going strong.

But even if they end up mangled by the end of the season...well...they are $3.80! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beauty Bit: Product Empties, June 2014

 photo 456d8f08-72bc-4f79-bb7f-d83a9613977f_zps2ec28aa9.jpg

This is a great shampoo to help keep your locks AND scalp healthy. It was part of my very first monthly favorites post, so check that out.
Will I Repurchase? Yes
Current Replacement: Clear Strong Lengths Shampoo
If I had to choose one body lotion to last me through my lifetime, I would choose this one. I have been using it for years and to this day, it still smells intoxicating, and always reminds me of Memoirs of a Geisha when I put it on.
Will I Repurchase? Yes

This was a firm favorite for awhile and I've wrote about this product here and here. However, now that I am have been working myself firmly into the Korean skincare world, I have found so many serums that I want to try that promises a boatload of benefits and which have had raving reviews. All at a fraction of the price of this.
Will I Repurchase? No

This is essentially a clay mask to help draw out impurities in the skin. I use this once/twice a week and I find that it does help reduce/eliminate breakouts after 1 use, and skin is brighter the next day. I much prefer this over the Youthmud, which doesn't really give me much results. It is quite, quite pricey though...I did repurchased it relatively soon after buying the first one to take advantage of the Sephora Friends & Family sale, because at the time, it was helping me manage my breakouts and I would buy anything that would remotely help me in that cause.
Will I Repurchase? Undecided. I like the product and am currently using the second bottle, but there are some Korean options that I would like to explore.

This was my first foray into Korean skincare, and I actually really liked it, specifically for the texture. It has a light, gel-ish type of texture to it that was absorbed into the skin easily. However, reviews on this product on beauty blogs have been mediocre. With the plethora of snail mucin products out there, this one is merely so-so. I am not quite sure if it did a lot to help with the fading of my hyperpigmentations, but at the very least, it did not aggravate my skin any further.
Will I Repurchase? Undecided. I am currently using another snail cream that has fantastic reviews, so I am just trying other products out there until I find one that is truly a WOW item for me.

I have had this product for years and have only finished it up now. I was a big fan of their mineral foundations years ago, and have bought their starter kit. The mineral veil that they included in the kit was the bee's knees so I went and bought the full size when I ran out. Except I chose the wrong one....this one has little shimmer particles in it and I was sooo not into looking like a disco ball. It does help with giving a flawless finish to the skin, like the original version. Last year, I finally vowed to finish it up and so here we are....My daughter will sometimes say that my face is "sparkly like a diamond" though...which is the most fantastic thing to a five year old, but not so much for me. 
Will I Repurchase? Yes, but the regular matte version
Current Replacement: Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder

I really liked their Microdelivery Peel, and thought this would be a great (cheaper) alternative to try as well. This is another product that took me an AGE for me to finish this. It is categorized as a facial cleanser, not a scrub. So when I first got the product, I used it as a regular face wash. Which resulted in me breaking out. So I chucked it aside, and moved on to something else. I revisited it again a year or so later, but this time, using it as a scrub instead. And my skin was fine. I don't think this product works well as a primary face wash because it doesn't clean the skin well enough when you are trying to take off a day's worth of makeup and grime (hence the breaking out). But it works in helping smooth the surface of your skin on a daily basis.
Will I Repurchase? No
Current Replacement: None


Monday, June 16, 2014

Beauty Bit: Ipsy Bag for June 2014

I was exceptionally pleased with my Ipsy bag this month...primarily due to the Laneige BB Cushion Compact sample

There's no denying that I am a firm believer in Korean skincare products, and I am similarly starting to get into their cosmetics as well. I was thrilled when I found out that Target is now carrying Laneige products and I am hopeful that their foundation shades will be adapted to the US market
(I am considered dark by Korean standards, so even their darkest shades are too light for me)

The Laneige sample in my Ipsy bag came in all three shades, so I will be able to play around with it.

Other products that came in my bag:
- Be A Bombshell mascara in Lash Out
- NYX butter gloss in Apple Strudel
- Marc Anthony Dream Waves beach spray
- Jesse's Girl eyeliner in Black

3 Ways: Denim Jacket

The only denim jacket I've ever owned in my life thus far was one with a HUMONGOUS picture of Mickey Mouse on the back....

I was only 12.

Even so, it was seriously uncool. Come to think of it, most of my wardrobe in my early school years can pretty much be summed up that way as well...a byproduct of going to schools that require school uniforms. 
Almost two decades later, I am trying the whole denim jacket thing again. 
And here's hoping that my outfits have improved by leaps and bounds!

1) For work...

Denim jacket pairing, jcrew pixie pants, manolo bb photo imagejpg6_zps62b41f28.jpg
Top: Forever 21 / Pants: J.Crew / Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

2) For a date...

Jcrew Panama hat, denim jacket pairing, maxi dress photo b73804b0-96ad-4648-990b-0b658c2676f3_zpsb4aac0fc.jpg
Dress: Forever 21 / Hat: J.CrewShoes: Target

3) For a casual day...

Jcrew Panama hat, loft shorts, denim pairing photo imagejpg4_zps6f1d7750.jpg
Shirt: Forever 21 / Shorts: LOFT / Hat: J.CrewShoes: Target

I love how throwing it on instantly gives the outfit a casual cool vibe.
Even though my 5-year old commented that I look like a teenager when I wear it...

 photo denimjacket_zps555da9e9.png

Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: J.Crew Sloane Patent Pumps

JCrew Sloane patent pumps in bright poppy review photo IMG_6479_zps4e9a4a95.jpg

It has been ages since I bought anything from years past, I would have at least one shipment a month. 

During the Memorial Day weekend, I randomly went on the site and started browsing the sale section (because there is no use buying anything full price from there..everything will eventually go on sale. AND more often than not, there is an additional 30% off sale items code going on) and I came across the Sloane pumps on sale in Bright Poppy

The online picture gave me the impression that Bright Poppy was more of a pink tone than anything, so I gave it a try.

J.Crew Sloane patent pumps in bright poppy review photo 722824b2-f6fb-4816-add5-cbd7c997464c_zps07530467.jpg

As you can see, it is more of a muted/faded version of a true bright red. 

The shoe itself is well made, using real leather on almost everything -- the soles, the inserts, etc, which is why I think that J.Crew shoes are really good mid-price options for shoes. 
(These shoes were on sale, with additional 30% off. I paid $84, which is a steal for the quality that it is)

It has a 3 1/2 inch heel, which is the perfect height for wearing to work, where one would have to last all day in them. It gives sufficient height without it being too much.

Sizing is consistent with all my other shoes, and I fit perfect in my normal 8.5

J.Crew Sloane patent pumps in bright poppy review photo ad5294c7-3dec-4904-a22a-9ecc54f01d79_zps85b4b8c1.jpg 
However, I don't like how long the toe-box is. I prefer my shoes to cut a little lower so that there's more toe cleavage (I tend to associate long toe-boxes with cheaply made shoes. May not be true, but that's just my own observation)

This will be a return for me because of toe-box length, and also because I don't particularly care for the muted red color...I veer towards the thought process that if one is going to do red, then go all out and make it a true bold red. 

J.Crew Sloane Patent Pumps, on sale for $120

Friday, June 6, 2014

Outfit: Comfort Zone

Whenever I have meetings or occasions at work that are a little more formal (I.e. a presentation that I may have to give, or meetings where directors and higher are going to attend), I tend dress a little more  'professional', which usually means that I will be reaching for my No.2 pencil skirts.

 photo aa6e6725-5776-436a-a92b-09dffd2073e6_zps713149c0.jpg

Although the laughable thing here is that this would be considered more of a casual outfit in other companies. But when you work at a place that have an extremely relaxed dress code, anything non-jeans and ballet flats would pretty much stand out.
 photo f972cca0-8e88-409f-8ba1-8751608f66ec_zps829ca2e4.jpg

Shirt - J.Crew
Skirt - J.Crew
Shoes - J.Crew

Can you tell that I use to have an obsession with J.Crew?